GetFave – Add a Business Listing

Adding a business listing to can provide extremely beneficial local search optimization results.  Many business owners are not aware that online business listings can boost search rankings as well as provide a solid basis for Google to verify your business location address.  Adding a GetFave business listing can be a key to getting your business online.

Local business listings are like the modern day white pages in the phonebook.  Sites like, Yelp, Foursquare, and many more offer business listing services that have a verification process.  This business listing verification process helps Google search results because Google does not want to feature businesses that have moved, have incorrect addresses, or incorrect phone numbers listed online.

That’s right.  We have taken the ‘add your business listing to getfave’ to the next level.  Get listed on over 100+ business directories for one low monthly price using our local search optimization package.

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Add a Business Listing to GetFave and 100+ more at one time!

Add a Business Listing to Over 100+ Business Directories

We’ve already discussed the business listing benefits, but how would adding your business listing to over 100+ business directories benefit your company?

Think about the shear amount of time it would take to add your business listing to each directory.

Here’s the steps it would normally take:

  1. Find a business directory
  2. Add or claim your business listing
  3. Verify your business location
  4. Fix any incorrect business information
  5. Pay a fee for any upgraded or featured services

As a business owner or marketing manager, we can appreciate that this could easily become a full-time position to just maintain your local business listings online.  That’s why our local search optimization packages do all the work for you.

Benefits of a Business Listing

  • Get a FEATURED listing

    Most business directories charge a monthly fee for a “featured” or “upgraded” business listing.  Our local search optimization packages all come with the featured or upgraded listings from over 100+ business directories.

  • Change Business Information Only Once

    If your business moves locations, we can change your location and phone number within our dashboard one time and synchronize, or update, your business information across all business directories seamlessly.

  • Add Coupons or Deals

    Our local search optimization packages allow you to feature coupons, deals, or specials for your business on 100+ business directories at the same time.  We can even publish your special events.