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Copyright Protection

Copying content from your website and using it on another without your permission is illegal.
When it happens, Google might penalize your website for duplicate content.

It’s unfortunate that many people do not understand copyright protection nor the implication to SEO.  Companies like DMCA work hard to protect against copyright theft, even taking action when needed to protect stolen content.  At Search Optimize Me, we recommend protecting your content using DMCA or another professional copyright protection agency to prevent the damage done by duplicate content.

When someone steals your content, you may never know it. But Google does.  And if Google determines that your website is not the original source of duplicate content, your SEO will be negatively affected in a big way.  Google’s duplicate content guidelines are very helpful in explaining what duplicate content is and how to avoid it.

Our SEO experts can check to see if your website has been identified by Google to have duplicate content and help you to remedy the situation by providing unique, original content to replace the duplicate content.