Get Your Google Business Listing

Getting a Google business listing establishes your business location online.
Before setting up your business on Google, here are some important things you should know.

Many business owners are not even aware that Google has a service called Google My Business.  Or if they know about it, they may not understand how to set it up or why they should.  Here are some key steps you should be aware of before setting up your account to getting the most out of your business listing.

What You Should Know About Google Business Listings

  • There’s More Business Listing Sites Than Google

    There are 100+ popular local business directories on the internet besides Google.  If you’re only listed on Google, then you’re missing the benefits of Facebook Business, Foursquare, Yelp,, and many others.

  • Maintaining a Business Listing on Google Can Be Time Consuming

    Setting up and maintaining your Google Business Listing can be time consuming.  Expect to spend several hours setting up the business listing and then you have to generate posts and followers to get any benefit.

  • Local Business Listings Often Show Up First On Google

    As we mentioned in our Local Search Optimization page, local business listings often show up first on Google.  This makes getting a business listing on Google very important for your business.

  • Save Time with a Business Listings Dashboard

    Our affordable Local Search Optimization starter plan comes with a dashboard that allows you to manage all 100+ business listings from one easy dashboard.  This means with a single, 5 minute edit, you can feature a coupon on all 100+ directories, including Yelp, Google, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. all at the same time.

Check Your Business Listings on 100+ Directories

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How to Set Up Your Google Business Listings – 5 steps

If you are ready to start setting up your business listing yourself, these easy to follow steps will help make things easier.  Please look for the special quotations below when setting up your business listings because these will affect your local search optimization results.

    1)  Head over to Google My Business to get started.

    If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll have to create one first.  You can sign up for a free gmail account or just use your existing email to set up your Google account.  Fill out the form, confirm your email, and then you’re all set to start setting up your business listing on Google.

    Set Up Your Google Account

    Google Business Listings - #1 Seo Company California, Internet Marketing Agency - Search Optimize Me

    2)  Add Your Business Listing

    If your Google business listing has already been created by someone else or automatically by Google, you might find it by searching for it first.   If not, add your business information using the form provided.

    Add Your New Business Listing Location

    Google Business Listings - #1 Seo Company California, Internet Marketing Agency - Search Optimize Me

    3)  Verify Your Business Location

    After adding your business listing, you will need to verify the location address.  Google will send you a verification postcard with a code that should be entered on the Google listing.  Go to and click “GET VERIFIED” to enter the code.  This will need to be done for each business listing.

    Verify Your Google Business Location

    Google Business Listings - #1 Seo Company California, Internet Marketing Agency - Search Optimize Me

    4)  Set Up Your Google Cover and Logo

    A logo or profile photo and nicely designed cover for the top of your Google+ page is important for SEO purposes.  Google gives weight to your business listing depending on how complete your listing is.   Of course, if you need help branding yourself, our graphic designers can help.

    Edit your Google business listing cover

    Google Business Listings - #1 Seo Company California, Internet Marketing Agency - Search Optimize Me

    5)  Upload Photos & Videos

    Upload photos and videos to your Google Business Listing to help visitors get the best visual experience of what your products and services offer.  Hire a professional photographer or even have video taken with drones to give the best impression.

    Get the Most From Google Business

    The most important thing to maximize your Google Business listing is to share your Google plus page and get followers.  You can do this by inviting your friends and business network to follow you on Google+.  Once you generate some followers, make sure to keep them engaged by regular, positive posts that will keep them following you.

    Of course, you can post to all 100+ business directories, social media, and Google+ from a single, simple dashboard when you sign up for our local search optimization plans.  Contact us or request a free quote today.