How does SEO work? What SEO is and is not.

Simple Explanation of How SEO in Google Works

When a friend asks you, “What’s the best [insert business type] in [insert area]?”, how do you respond?  After generating a mental list (index) of all the companies you can think of, you then consider each one carefully:

  • What do I know about this company?
  • Have I been there?  What was my experience like?  Was I satisfied?  How satisfied?
  • What do other people say about it?  How many people?
  • Is there anything else about the company that should factor in?

After considering these, you rank each company in order from top to bottom.  With that, you reply with your answer.   Google search engine does exactly the same thing.

When people type: “What’s the best [insert business type] in [insert area]?”, Google generates a list of all the known companies in the area.  Then each company is ranked according to factors very similar to what humans consider when referring someone.

  • What information about this company is on the internet?
  • Does its website meet Google guidelines?  How closely?
  • How many people visit the website?  Do they stay awhile (i.e. find it useful) or do they leave right away (i.e. find it useless)?
  • What do people say about this company on social media?  Do they use social media?
  • How many other highly ranked websites have links pointing back to this one?

These are just a few of the considerations given to determine a website’s quality and value.  Each factor that gives Google a positive response will rank the site higher.  It’s that simple.

A good SEO company will find out what are the weakest links in the online presence and help you get positive results on Google.