Google GuaranteedHow to get Google Guaranteed

Finding a trustworthy business can be difficult, especially when these local businesses offer home services that are vital to the running of any home or space. Protection of valuables, discretion, and a high level of professionalism is necessary when people invite service workers into their homes.  The Google Guarantee badge makes homeowners feel safe when they hire you.

Because trustworthy servicemen are few and far between, people have begun to rely more and more on word-of-mouth from friends and family to get in touch with trusted home services. Yes, this is a quick way to grow your client base as a small business, but the major drawback is that it is not a lucrative way to upscale and manage your growth.

Google understands the impact of small businesses in developed and developing economies. This need for small businesses to grow has brought about a way to stand as a guarantor for businesses. This is why “Google Guaranteed” was formed.  A Google Guaranteed listing, part of the Google Guarantee program, will help your Google My Business page show on the top of local search results.

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed means that a business has been certified by Google to be licensed, insured, bonded, and screened to go into people’s homes to perform different tasks. These businesses may include plumbers, handymen, locksmiths, and so on.

A Google guaranteed business is a business that passed the screening process and certified it to be a legitimate business.  This will greatly increase your google search results.

This program was created to protect homeowners against fraudulent servicemen and those who are not licensed and bonded.  It is part of the Google Ads program.