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Internet marketing services with a great return on investment.

A top Search Engine Optimization company in Los Angeles, our team of experts provide professional search engine optimization and internet marketing services to small business owners, service based businesses, licensed professionals, and eCommerce companies.  Whether you are looking for better search results, local SEO services, online marketing, marketing strategies, back links, content marketing, or other search optimization strategy to boost your business online, the professionals at Search Optimize Me can help.  Find out why you get a better conversion rate from us over other organic SEO firms, which is what you’d expect from an SEO company California.

We understand that time and budget can restrict affordable marketing campaigns for a small business owner or startup company.  Our award winning social media optimization services start at a low monthly fee and include regular posting on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.  Small business marketing online is critical to business growth, which is why our professional seo agency Los Angeles team is poised and ready to partner with you.  Check out our local seo plans.

An SEO Company in Los Angeles and Seattle

The Best Search Engine Optimization Company in California

  • We are YOUR SEO Agency

    We take the time to learn about your business goals, objectives, and target audience. You’ll learn our secrets to successfully rank your business online.  It’s a win-win!

  • Tested and Proven SEO Strategies

    We aren’t a fly-by-night company. Our SEO strategies work for ourselves and clients.  Results driven SEO backed by real-time analytics reporting.

  • No Hidden SEO Secrets

    Our clients receive regular notifications about exactly what optimization tasks were completed and the results of our team performance. Most analytics are available within your custom marketing dashboard.

Top Rated SEO Company in Los Angeles

Find out why we were rated among the few Top Local Agencies in Los Angeles.

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Superlative organic SEO services that increase ranking and traffic.
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SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services are designed to help small to medium-sized businesses get local visibility.

SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

Regional SEO Services

Companies with multiple locations will benefit from regional services to gain a more prominent online presence.

SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

National SEO Services

We work with large corporations to establish and compete at a national level.

National SEO

SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

Website Optimization

Our experts can audit your website to diagnose any issues that may affect user experience, functionality, or search engine rankings.



A top rated SMM agency, our social media experts will help you determine how to market your business, engage, and educate the world about your products and services.

SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

Business Growth Strategy

We can use social media to tell the world why your company is better than other companies that compete. If they don’t know, they can’t hire you.

SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

Social Media Strategy

Our social media marketing team to develop a strategy that works for your business model based on a proven track record.

SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

Business Optimization

Before you hire us, get a social media audit to create a baseline for social performance based on proven analytics.

National SEO

SEO Company California & Best SEO Agency Los Angeles - Search Optimize Me

Social Advertising

In addition to posting content, our social team can pinpoint ads on social networks to target your demographic.

Free Scan of Your Business or Website Audit

Scan your business to find out how your business appears across the internet.

Free Website Audit Scan

Use our website scan tool to find out how whether your website is mobile friendly, has errors, and what type of traffic it is currently generating.  This tool is used by our SEO experts to audit, repair, and optimize your website online.

Who Is the Best SEO Company in California?

Search Engine Optimization is our bread and butter, specializing in working directly with business owners.   Our tailored los angeles seo service tactics put us at the top of Google for our market, allowing us to work with clients world-wide as a top SEO company in California.  The science behind search engine optimization is to drive qualified leads directly to your website.  In order to do this, your website must qualify for premium keyword phrases on first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and more. Our expert services from the best california search engine optimization company will contribute to achieving high organic placement for keywords that best reflect your services will help your business to grow.  Check out our profile on

We understand how difficult it is to invest so much money into SEO, an industry not well understood.  Our search engine experts are happy to explain exactly what they do to accomplish the goals for your business.  There’s no secrets… just lots of hard work, exactly what you’d expect from a top company.  At Search Optimize Me, we can only guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our services or we’ll do free work indefinitely until you are satisfied.  Our California SEO agency and team is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Don’t waste your time looking for free seo company and services that end up costing you more in overhead.  Who is the best LA SEO service in California?  You decide. We’re obviously biased.

A Trusted SEO Company

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A Los Angeles SEO Company That Gets Results

Since our SEO company in Los Angeles performs our SEO services, we want you to be so ecstatic about the keyword research, SEO improvements, internet saturation, and link building strategies that you tell your friends on facebook, twitter, and give us good reviews.  How can you go wrong with a company this dedicated to SEO?

See the results of increased traffic!

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Get started with a free quote and free SEO report to find out how your website ranks online today.  Then let us send you a proposal for seo services in los angeles that will knock your SEO socks off.

If your business doesn’t grow, ours doesn’t either.  That’s the bottom line.

Have a limited internet marketing budget?  Don’t worry.  Every company was once a startup or struggling, even us.  Our SEO professionals love their job so much that they will work a little harder for a little less.  But don’t tell them we said so.

Already have a basic understanding of how SEO works? Check out our take on the best free SEO tools.

As a leading SEO firm, our customers often experience a 200-300% increase in overall business growth within the first year. Our competitive pricing for optimization services allows for a return on investment (ROI) that pays for itself in just a few months, while the long-term benefits far outweigh the investment.  That’s why our best SEO services come with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you need local search optimization or inbound marketing services, please contact us or get a free quote to find out how we can help you.

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Your FREE consultation includes:

  • Website Analysis

    Find out whether your website really needs improvement and the reasons for our recommendations.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We can see what your top competitors are doing online and develop a combat strategy.

  • Plan to Fit Your Budget

    The marketing industry standard budget is 4-6% of gross revenue for established businesses and 10% or more for startups.  We can work with almost any budget to get your revenue where you want it to be.

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